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PP Numbers 73-96 5PK
ICC-ICMPPNLFR4 Numbering Strips PP 73-96 (5 sheets) (Read more)
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ICC-ICMB89U0WH - Designed to be used with vertical CAT 5e, CAT 6c, and blank patch panels - Offers more room in the rear for cable management - Includes mounting screws - UL listed ICCICMB89U0WH (Read more)
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J-Bolt Kit 2PK
ICC-ICCMSLJB01 - J-Bolt kit - Used to insert and secure runway sections - For ladder rack runway systems - 2 Pieces/bag (Read more)
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Ladder Rack Runway End Cap 2PK
ICC-ICCMSLPECK - End caps - Designed to cover the sharp metal ends on runway and cable posts - Allows a neater appearance - For use with ladder rack runway systems - Black (Read more)
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PP Numbers 265-384 5PK
ICC-ICMPPNLB03 - Patch panel numbering strip - 265 through 384 - 5 Each - Designed to apply to any patch panel for easy numeric system administration (Read more)
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Hinged Wall Mount Bracket 1.75 1RMS"
ICC-MSHB1RS - ICC 1.75" Wall Mount - Hinged wall mount bracket - Usually for use with the 24 port patch panel - Hinged design allows front mounted panels to swing out, simplifying wiring tasks - Great... (Read more)
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Tee-Junction Splice Kit 2PK
ICC-ICCMSLTJSK - T-Junction splice kit - Used to fasten runway sections together perpendicularly - Includes mounting hardware - For use with ladder rack runway systems - 2 sets per bag - Black (Read more)
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PatchPanel Blank 8Port Vertical Flush
ICC-IC107BP8VB - ICC blank patchpanel - 8 Port - Vertical - Flush mount - Similar to the ICC-IC107PP8VB, but adds flush mounting so that jacks will be flush when installed - Ports are labeled with numbers... (Read more)
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Butt Splice Kit
ICC-ICCMSLEBSK - ICC Butt splice kit- Butt splice joins runway sections at the ends- Black- 2 Each- For ladder rack runway systems (Read more)
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IC107PP8VB - PatchPanel Blank 8PT V
ICC-BLANKPAN8 - Blank patch panel - 8 Port - Vertical - Accomodates modular connectors and color ID caps - Ports are labeled with numbers - Designed for wall mount - Includes 89D bracket - See also... (Read more)
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