Return Policy is devoted to providing extremely low prices on the latest, brand-new telecom equipment while offering unparalleled customer service, and technical support. When selling currently manufactured products,they are new. We also offer (upon request) some older, hard-to-find items, which are obviously not new. This is a service that we provide so that our customers are not forced to purchase a completely new system just because they might need one or two hard-to-find parts for their older unit(s).


We believe that it is in every consumer's best interest to know that they are receiving "FACTORY FRESH" products and are not purchasing products that have been re-stocked. Re-stocked equipment (especially telephones) may contain viral and bacterial contaminants passed by others, consequently, we do not resell used equipment as new. We guarantee to take as much time as necessary to review your product application to ensure that you are receiving the proper equipment.


If you are purchasing parts for a discontinued or obsolete system or if you are purchasing an entire system from us that is discontinued or obsolete, we pre-test EACH and EVERY item just before we ship the product to you. We do this to avoid unnecessary returns.


Our products contain parts and software that may be easily copied, substituted or contaminated in the wrong hands. Because the potential exists to(a) copy software and then return the item, (b) remove a newly shipped new part and replace it with an older defective part, or (c) accidentally or intentionally contaminate it, we have had to implement a NO RETURN policy.  This protective measure has been implemented so that we may continue to offer rock bottom prices to the public without compromising our standards of excellence.

We have our customers' best interests in mind, and are happy to REPLACE equipment in the unlikely event* of an "out-of-box" failure. Should out of box failure occur, it must be reported no longer than 5 days after the equipment has been delivered.

Please be certain you are confident in your equipment selection prior to purchase. If you have any questions regarding proper product selection, please call a sales representative at (407) 926-2303.

*Out of box failure occurrence is <0.0002%

LAST UPDATED: May 6, 2001 - 11:23:22 AM (ET)