P.A. Amplified

Although theses technologies still exists, they are usually seen in older installations. They involved using one or more P.A. (Public Address) Amplifiers and standard or transformed speakers and horns. The P.A. Amplifiers usually had 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs for "Impedance Balanced" speakers and 25/70 Volt outputs for "Constant Voltage" speakers with transformers attached.

Impedance Balanced systems were the worst. The idea was that no matter how many 8 Ohm speakers you used, the combined load could not be more than 4 ohms or not less than 16 ohms when presented at the amplifier. This often involved elaborate "series-parallel" wiring schemes. Normally, this technology would not be used in new installations except for applications such as airports or sports arenas. However, if you have an existing paging system that uses this technology, we have replacement speakers, horns and amplifiers to replace failed components.

Constant Voltage technology was an improvement over Impedance Balancing because it eliminated the need for elaborate wiring. Each speaker or horn was daisy-chained. Each speaker or horn had a transformer attached to it and a technician would normally select one of several lugs to attach the wire to, depending on how loud the speaker needed to be. The selections were measured in watts and used solder type lugs.

Many techs didn't understand the relationship between watts (power) and sound levels (decibels). Then, there was the likelihood of them owning a soldering guns, having a spool of solder and then wanting to drag a 100 foot extension cord up a ladder to solder to connection.


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Tile Bridge for Ceiling Speaker
BG-TB8 Tile Bridge for Ceiling Speaker (Read more)
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Round Recessed Ceiling Speaker Enclosure
BG-RE84 - Bogen round recessed ceiling speaker enclosure - Protective enclosure for an 8" cone-type loudspeakers - Designed for recessed installations and for use with any of the Bogen ceiling... (Read more)
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S86T725PG8W Speaker w/o Volume
BG-CEILING - Bogen ceiling speaker without volume - Ceiling speaker assemblies consist of an 8 inch cone speaker mounted in a steel grille painted with white enamel - 4 Watt - 6 Different power taps -... (Read more)
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24V@300mA Power Supply
BG-PRS2403 - Bogen 24V power supply - 24V DC output @ 300mA - Designed to supply power to 24V DC equipment from a 120V AC source - Rugged, versatile, and dependable, and aresuitable for use with many... (Read more)
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Bogen 10 Watt Attenuator - Single Gang
BG-AT10A Bogen 10 Watt Attenuator (single gang size) (Read more)
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S86T725PG8WVR Speaker w Volume
BG-CEILINGVOL 4W capacity~~8" cone speaker for excellent audio quality ~~• 6 power taps available (4W, 2W, 1W,~~1/2W, 1/4W, 1/8W) ~~• Available with recessed or knob volume control ~~•... (Read more)
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Bogen Ceiling Speaker S86T725PG8WVK
BG-CEILINGKNOB - Bogen ceiling speaker with volume control knob BG-CEILINGKNOB (Read more)
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30 Watt Attenuator
BG-AT35A Bogen 30 Watt Attenuator (double gang size) (Read more)
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8 Ceiling Speaker OFF-WHITE"
BG-CS1EZ - Bogen pre-assembled 1-watt single-tap ceiling speaker designed for use with 70V amplifier systems - 1W single-tap design - Screw terminal connections for fast installation - Works with... (Read more)
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Easy Install Ceiling Speaker
BG-SM4T - Bogen 4 watt easy install speaker - Installs in seconds with no tools - Contemporary, low profile design - No clean-up - Multi-tap - Settings are rotary switch selectable (no transformer... (Read more)
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