KX-TVA50-R Voice Mail

KX-TVA50-R Voice Mail

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Small Voice Processing System initially configured for 2 voice mail ports, 4 hours of voice storage and 64 mailboxes. Expandable to 6 ports in 2-port increments. USB port for local programming. LAN port (optional) for remote programming and Unified Messaging (voice mail to email) feature.

Can be used with both analog and digital systems. Maximum number of ports with an analog system is 4.

Feature List

  • Alternate Extension Group
  • Auto Forwarding
  • Automated Attendant
  • Broadcasting Messages
  • Busy Coverage Mode
  • Call Services
  • Call Transfer to Outside
  • Caller ID Call Routing (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Caller ID Screening (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Caller Name Announcement—Personal (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Caller Name Announcement—System (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Class of Service (COS)
  • Company Greeting
  • Company Name
  • Covering Extension
  • Custom Service
  • Daylight Saving Time Assignment
  • Dialing by Name
  • DID Call Routing (DPT Integration Only)
  • E-mail Integration
  • Extension Group
  • Fax Management
  • Hold
  • Holiday Service
  • Intercom Paging (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Interview Service
  • List All Names
  • Logical Extension (All Calls Transfer to Mailbox)
  • Mailbox Groups
  • Message Delivery, Internal
  • Message Reception Mode
  • Message Waiting Notification—Device
  • Message Waiting Notification—Lamp
  • Multilingual Service
  • No Answer Coverage Mode
  • On Hold Announcement Menu
  • Operator Service
  • PIN Call Routing
  • Play System Prompt After Personal Greeting
  • Port Service
  • Rotary Telephone Service
  • Service Access Commands
  • Service Group
  • System Clock
  • System Prompts
  • Time Service
  • Trunk Service (Universal Port) (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Voice Mail Assistant
  • Voice Mail Service
  • Subscriber Features
  • Auto Receipt
  • Automatic Login (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Autoplay New Message
  • Bookmark
  • Call Transfer Status
  • Callback Number Entry
  • Caller ID Callback (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Calling a Beeper
  • Delete Message Confirmation
  • External Message Delivery List
  • External Message Delivery Service
  • Group Distribution List—Personal
  • Group Distribution List—System
  • Incomplete Call Handling Service
  • Live Call Screening (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Mailbox
  • Mailbox Capacity Warning
  • Message Transfer
  • One-touch Two-way Transfer (DPT Integration Only)
  • Personal Custom Service
  • Personal Greeting for Caller ID (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Personal Greetings
  • Playback Volume/Speed Control
  • Private Message
  • Receive Message
  • Recover Message
  • Remote Call Forwarding Set (DPT Integration Only)
  • Subscriber Tutorial
  • Temporary Personal Greeting
  • Timed Reminder Setting (DPT Integration Only)
  • Toll Saver (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Two-way Record (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Two-way Transfer (APT/DPT Integration Only)
  • Unlimited Message Length
  • Urgent Message
  • VM Menu (DPT Integration Only)