KX-TD1232 Digital Super Hybrid System Telephone System

NOTE: Although the KX-TD1232 system is no longer manufactured, many people still find it to be their first choice in PBX systems. This is primarily do to the KX-TD1232's totally hybrid design, its ease of programming and its price. For this reason, KX-TD.COM not only continues to support the product but continues to stock most TD1232 accessories and some Factory Refreshed Systems

The Panasonic KX-TD1232 is initially configured for 8 Lines and 16 Digital Stations, (16 Digital and 16 Analog) for a total of 32 stations.

It is a good choice for a SMB that is not interested in and VoIP capabilities as it is capable of up to 32 CO lines and 64 stations for one cabinet. This is made possible through XDP technology. With double cabinet capabilities, the system is expandable to 128 stations.

We are Panasonic KX-TD1232 experts and will be happy to keep your KX-TD1232 running properly, provide accessories and technical support. If your intent is to upgrade your KX-TD1232 to something more robust, we recommend the KX-NCP or KX-TDE system.


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Kx-TD170 Station Expansion Module
KX-TD170  Panasonic KX-TD170 - Like New 8 Extension Expansion Module. Adds 8 more extensions to the K X-TD816 or the KX-TD1232 phone system. - Limited Stock (Read more)
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KX-TD193 Caller ID Card for KX-TD816/1232 Systems
KX-TD193 Caller ID Card Like New  Panasonic 4 Circuit Caller ID Card - Like New for KX-TD816 /1232 system KX-TD193 (Read more)
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Panasonic KX-TD180 4 CO Expansion Module
KX-TD180  Panasonic KX-TD180 4 CO Expansion Module: Required when expanding a KX-TD816 or KX-TD1232 digital phone system in order to add more CO lines (telephone lines). LIKE NEW - Limited... (Read more)
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Panasonic KX-TD290-R ISDN-PRI23
KX-TD290  Panasonic KX-TD290 ISDN-PRI23 Card for KX-TD1232 . LIKE NEW - Limited Stock (Read more)
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T-1 Card
KX-TD187 - Panasonic T1 expansion card - Digital T1 provides 24 voice channels - Allows for total of 32 lines - For KX-TD1232-4 and up KXTD187~~ (Read more)
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