KX-TVA Series Voice Processing Systems

KX-TVA Series Voice Mail Systems
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The Panasonic KX-TVA50 Voice Mail System
KX-TVA50 Small Voice Processing System comes with an initial configuration for 2 voice mail ports, 4 hours of voice storage and 64 mailboxes. This versatile system that’s ideal for small, but growing businesses is expandable to 6 ports in 2-port increments. A USB port is included to facilitate local programming. LAN port (optional) for remote programming and Unified Messaging (voice mail to email) round out the KX-TVA50’s rich feature set.  Plus, you can use it with both analog and digital systems. Please note that the maximum number of ports with an analog system is 4.

KX-TVA50 Features

  • Ports: 2 Ports, expandable to 6
  • Voice Storage: 4 hours, expandable to 8
  • Mailboxes: 64
  • Messages per mailbox: unlimited
  • Email integration: optional

The KX-TVA200 Voice Mail System
Panasonic’s KX-TVA200 Large Voice Processing System comes pre-configured for 4 voice mail ports, 1000 hours of voice storage and 1024 mailboxes. But here’s the great news if you plan to expand.  The KX-TVA200 can be expanded to 24 ports in 4-port increments. A USB port is included for your local programming, while a LAN port takes care of remote programming. You’ll love the Unified Messaging (voice mail to email) feature.

KX-TVA200 Features

  • Ports: 4 Ports, expandable to 24
  • Voice Storage: 1000 hours
  • Mailboxes: 1024
  • Messages per mailbox: unlimited
  • Email integration: included


Both of the NEW KX-TVA models build on all of the features of the discontinued KX-TVS series, and with the addition of several new features makes the KX-TVA line the most robust Voice Mail lineup on the market today. New Additional Features:

  • Unified Messaging (E-mail Integration of Voice Mail Messages)
  • Automatic recording feature. Turn your voice mail system into a recording device when using it with the latest version of the KX-TDE and KX-NCP series systems.
  • Telephone LCD Interactive Menus.
  • New Custom Service Builder (Easy Drag and Drop Configuration Tool).
  • Enhanced Personal Custom Service, which delivers more options based on Day, Date, and Time.
  • Easy to use Windows Based Programming Tool.
  • Built in USB Port for Onsite Programming in the KX-TVA50, USB or Ethernet Connection in the KX-TVA200

The new features deliver increased value and performance to customers that rely on our products to stay in touch with their customers. Features like intelligent call routing and interactive telephone displays are now possible.