KX-TDE Series

The KX-TDE series is discontinued. Please call us for availability of refurbished equipment and tech support.

A unique blend of advanced features and sophisticated technologies, the Panasonic KX-TDE series are at the vanguard of today’s leading-edge telecommunications systems. These phone systems are highly customizable. However, we urge you to appreciate their complexity and call KX-TD directly to answer any questions you might have. Because of the complicated nature of the KX-TDE systems we do not advise you to make your purchase on line. Please call KX-TD at 1-866-205-4112 or 407-926-2303. It is important that you are made aware of all the options you have before purchasing these telecommunication systems.

When is the KX-TDE the right choice?

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8 Port Caller ID Card - refurbished
KX-TDA0193-R - Panasonic 8 port caller ID card (CID8)- Required to receive caller ID information from the CO- Each KX-TDA0193 activates caller ID on 8 CO lines- Mounts on the KX-TDA0180 and KX-TDA0181... (Read more)
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SD Card For Encryption
KX-TDES01 - Encrypts the voice packets providing a secure IP voice communications over the network using KX-NT300 series telephones - For use with the KX-TDE100/200/600 - 1 per system (Read more)
Call for price: 866-205-4112
KX-TDE100 Cabinet
KX-TDE100 Cabinet  KX-TDE100 Cabinet only. Does not include IPCMPR card. Converged IP-PBX System for medium sized businesses and large homes. (Read more)
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Remote Maintenance Card - refurbished
KX-TDA0196-R  - Panasonic remote maintenance card - Analog modem card for remote communication - V.90 Support - Mounts on the main processor card (Read more)
Call for price: 866-205-4112
4 Port Doorphone Card- refurbished
KX-TDA0161-R  - Panasonic 4 port doorphone card ( DPH4 )- Required to connect doorphones ( KX-T30865 , KX-T7775 and video intercom systems VL-GM201A and VL-GM301A )- Supports up to 4... (Read more)
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16-Port Digital Line Card - refurbished
KX-TDA0172-R - Panasonic 16 port digital line card (DLC16)- 16 Ports per card- Supports KX-DT500, KX-DT300, KX-T7600 and KX-T7400 series (DPT) telephones, DSS consoles and KX-T0141, KX-T0155, KX-T0158... (Read more)
Call for price: 866-205-4112
Contact I/O Board
KX-TDA0164 - Panasonic 4 EIO card (EIO4)- Mounts on the KX-TDA0190 optional 3 slot base card (OPB3)- Contains 4 dry contact that allow control of external devices such as door strikes or garage door... (Read more)
Call for price: 866-205-4112
19 bracket For TDA200/TDE200
KX-A242 - Panasonic 19 inch bracket for TDA200/TDE200 Rack Mounting Kit (Read more)
Call for price: 866-205-4112
19" Bracket for KX-TDA100
KX-A243 - Panasonic 19 Inch bracket for KX-TDA100 (Read more)
Call for price: 866-205-4112
Blank Slot Panels
KX-A258 - Panasonic blank slot covers - Steel - Sold individually (Read more)
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