Expandable & Digital

KX-TVS325 Voice Mail System

NOTE: This system is no longer manufactured by Panasonic, however, expansion components are still available, and KX-TD.com will continue to support and maintain these systems.

We also recommend the KX-TVA200 voice mail systems.

Out of the box, the new Panasonic KX-TVS325 Voicemail System answers your calls via an automated attendant and then routes the caller to the appropriate extension or department. If no one is available, the call will automatically be sent to voicemail.

The system supports 1,024 individual, password-protected mailboxes with up to 64 hours of voice storage capability. Each mailbox owner may record a general message, a message for "after hours" use, and a "busy" greeting that lets the caller know if they're on the telephone, or away from their desk. But, when digitally integrated with a Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System, such as the KX-TD1232 or KX-TD500, the KX-TVS325 system's capabilities expand dramatically.

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