HD Video Conferencing

Why HD Video Conferencing Makes Sense
Spending a sizeable percentage of your marketing budget to pay for out-of-town business conferences and seminars? Then consider video conferencing as an affordable alternative to some of those expensive business trips. Although you don’t want to eliminate all the valuable in-person contact, HD (high definition) video conferencing can save your company travel time and expenses while providing crystal-clear video and audio quality. However, you must purchase a high-performance HD Visual Conferencing system. After all, fuzzy picture quality and sound that fades in and out will diminish the impact of your presentation or conference.
At KX-TD.com, the world’s largest source for Panasonic video conferencing products, you’ll find complete HD Visual Conferencing systems designed to offer the superior video and audio quality you can rely on to ensure a successful meeting. For example, the KX-VC300 HD Visual Conferencing package includes the KX-VC300NA codec with remote and microphone. The system’s brilliant 720p HD clarity works within bandwidths as low as 1.5 Mbps. The 360-degree microphone delivers highly intelligible sound quality without clipping and delays. The system also boasts customizable user settings so you can tailor it to meet your specific needs. Plus, the KX-VC300 can link to one other single HD Video Conference system location.

Use of Video Conferencing Rising Exponentially, and for Good Reason
Each year more companies are discovering the benefits of adding video conferencing to their marketing budgets. In 2012 more than 250,000 video conference terminals were sold and industry experts expect that figure to climb much higher when the 2013 statistics are published.

Room & Group Video System Use Soaring
According to Telecomlead.com, a leading voice of the video conferencing industry, a 94% of the respondents to a survey found that the top benefit of video conferencing is increased efficiency/productivity. 88% found that video conferencing increased the impact of their business discussions. 87% found that the technology sped up the decision-making process, while 87% reported that video conferencing reduced their travel costs.
While it’s not surprising that the survey found that desktop PCs and laptops are the most common devices used for video conferencing (71% of respondents), room and group video systems such as the Panasonic packages are rapidly gaining traction in popularity (65% of respondents).
Consequently, if you’re looking for a convenient cost-effective alternative to expensive out-of-town meetings, video conferencing might be your solution. For great deals on video conferencing packages with affordable shipping rates, please visit KX-TD.com.