Very Large Office

Our Very Large systems are designed for businesses that employ anywhere from 100 to 1,000 people and usually always in multiple locations. There will always be at least 1 PBX, usually at the main office and the other locations may or may not have an actual PBX. Small branch locations usually have Off-Premise Extension phones only. Larger branch locations usually have their own smaller PBX connected to the main office via an IP Gateway. But regardless how they are connected, each telephone can call any other telephone seamlessly and toll free. Today, Very Large users generally use SIP Trunking unless prior contracts require continuance of service using an older technology such as ISDN-PRI. A higher volume of calls usually means that calls are answered by an Automated Attendant. Phones are normally placed on every desk, in Conference Rooms, Break Rooms, Copier Rooms, Storage Rooms, Mail Rooms, Lobbies, Will Call areas and Load Docks. There are usually several integrated wireless phones as well. The actual extensions can be any combination of Mutiline Digital, Single Line Analog, Multiline VoIP, Wireless or even SIP Apps on a Cell Phone. Very Large size systems tend to lean toward the KX-TDE200 or the KX-TDE600. With Very Larger business, there is often a need for some number of VoIP Off-Premise Extensions such as a Manager's home, a work-from-home employee, a remote job site or a warehouse across town. Any of our Medium sized systems have this capability. Large users often benefit from our Advanced Fax Servers.