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Viking Hot-Line Dialer Network
VK-K-1900-6 - Viking hotline dialing card - 20 digit programmable speed dial number - Touch Tone and 10/20 pps pulse dialing - Operates on standard C.O. lines, Centrex lines, or analog stations... (Read more)
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Viking Hot-Line Vandal Resistant Phone
VK-K-1900-7 Viking Hot-Line Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Panel Phone (Read more)
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Viking K-1900-7 with EWP
VK-K-1900-7-EWP - Viking vandal resistant hotline phone with enhanced weather protection - Auto dials 1 (up to 32 digits) programmable speed dial number - Touch tone or pulse dialing - Non-volatile memory... (Read more)
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Viking Keypad with Wiegand Out
VK-HID-2 - Viking keypad entry systems - Standard 26-bit Wiegand interfacing - Compatible with Viking’s aes-2000 accessible entry system - Compatible with Viking’s c-4000 apartment/office entry... (Read more)
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Viking Line Scanner-Modem Pool
VK-LS-4X4 Viking Line Scanner-Modem Pool LS-4x4 is a 4device by 4 line unit which can be modularly expanded. Depending on the number of 4x4 scanners used, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or more modems, credit... (Read more)
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Viking Line Seizure Device
VK-LSD-2 - Viking line sharing device with inbound switching capability - Share an existing phone line with an emergency device such as: emergency phones, area of refuge phones, alarm panels, ATM's,... (Read more)
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Viking Loop Detect Board
VK-LDB-1 Viking Loop Detect Board with On-Board 12V Regulator (Read more)
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Viking Multi-Tone Generator
VK-MTG-10 Viking Multi-Tone Generator Multi-tone generator designed to add multiple contact-controlled audio tones to paging system or 600 ohm inputs. Canbe connected to any paging source and can be... (Read more)
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Viking Multi-Zone Paging INterface
VK-ZPI-4 Viking Multi-Zone Paging INterface, Touch Tone Controlled (Read more)
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Viking Paging / Loud Ringer
VK-PA-2A - Viking paging/loud ringer - Provides loud electronic ring for night bell, warehouses, etc. - Monitors up to 6 C.O. lines for ring or can be activated by a key system dry contact closure.... (Read more)
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