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Page Control - 6 Zone 1Way
VC-V-2006A - 6 Zone one-way page control - All call - Background music input, automatically mutes in zone being paged -Page override for special priority announcements - Features are programmable per... (Read more)
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Page Control - 6 Zone Talkback
VC-V-2006AHF - 6 Zone talkback page control - Provides tandem all call - Background music input, automatically mutes inzone being paged - Page override for special priority announcements - Features are... (Read more)
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Page Port PreAmp / Expander
VC-V-1094A - Page port pre-amp / expander - Pre-amplifies low level audio to remote sites - Provides virtually unlimitedexpansion for any system (150 Valcom one-way speakers per VC-V-1094) - Master... (Read more)
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Signature 2x2 Lay-In Ceiling Speaker
VC-V-1422 - Valcom Signature 2x2 lay-in ceiling speaker - Quickly replaces a 2' x 2' or 1/2 of a 2' x 4' ceiling tile (trim bar included) - No cuttingtiles, no broken tiles, no mess - Excellent... (Read more)
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Signature Series Ceiling Speaker
VC-V-1420 - Valcom Signature Series ceiling speaker - Exceptional frequency response for voice and music reproduction - Contains its own built-in amplifier - Pop-on/pop-off volume control knob -... (Read more)
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Speaker Volume Control - Silver
VC-V-1092 - Speaker volume control - Control the volume of up to 150 one-way speakers - Stainless steel hardware (includes mounting box) - Weight: 1lb. - Dimensions: 4.5"H x 2.75"W x 2.8"D - Silver... (Read more)
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Spot Sound Masking Speaker
VC-V-9422 - Valcom spot sound masking speaker - Reduces the possibility of conversations being overheard in hallways, private offices, pharmacies, examining rooms, waiting rooms - Medical facilities... (Read more)
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Station Level Pag Adapter
VC-V-9940 - Valcom station level page adaptor - Full-featured paging from centrex or standard CO line - Can be used with valcom multi-zoneor talkbackpage controls - Multiple units can be linked... (Read more)
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Talk Back Module
VC-V-9953 - Valcom optional talkback module for V-2003A - Converts V-2003A to talkback VCV9953 (Read more)
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Talkback AntiVandal Doorplate
VC-V-1073 - Flush mount vandal resistant doorplate speaker- Talkback- Weather resistant - Includes "CALL" button- One-way screws- Mounts in standard double gang electric box- Dimensions: 4.5"Hx 4.5"W... (Read more)
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