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Ceiling Speaker Support Bridge
VC-S-550 - Valcom ceiling speaker support bridge - Provides supportfor ceiling speakers VCS550 (Read more)
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Call Rocker Switch
VC-V-2972 Call Rocker Switch - Valcom call/rocker switch - Use with talkback control units with remote calling features - Fits a single-gang electrical box - White spring return rocker switch... (Read more)
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Valcom 12 vdc Power Supply for V-2952
VC-VP-412A Valcom 12 vdc Power Supply for V-2952 (Read more)
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8 25/70 Volt Speaker"
VC-V-936400 - Valcom 8" 25/70 Volt speaker - Operates on 25 and 70 Volt speakerlines - 312 to 5 watt tap settings - Excellent voice and music reproduction - 8" Speaker - Hardware included - Dimensions:... (Read more)
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Optional Mounting Bracket
VC-V-9804 - Valcom optional mounting bracket - For use with the VC-V-1440 - Easy installation in difficult areas - simplysecure the bracket and position the speaker as desired - Dimensions: 2"H x... (Read more)
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8ohm Paging Horn Weather Resistant
VK-25AE - Viking weather resistant paging horn - Indoor and outdoor use - Provides additional economical paging coverage to existing Viking paging units (PA-2A, CPA-7B, HF-3W, M2W) or to any... (Read more)
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ONE UNIT! Valcom Metal Pre-Construction
VC-V-9912M Single Unit - Valcom Metal Pre-Construction Bridge for 8 inch ceiling speakers - Valcom metal speaker support ring - Sold individually - Used in new construction gypsum (sheetrock)... (Read more)
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Valcom Metal Backbox/Bridge Combo
VC-V-9916M Valcom Metal Backbox/Bridge Combo (Read more)
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Valcom Call In Switch W/ Volume Control
VC-V-2971 Valcom Call In Switch w/Vol Control (Read more)
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Viking 8 Ohm Ceiling Speaker
VK-30AE - Viking cost effective speakers for indoor use - Adjustable base for easy mounting and directional adjustment - Compact design for out of the way mounting - Designed to work with all of... (Read more)
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