HD Video Conferencing

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KX-VC300 MIC HD Video Conferencing Package
KX-VC300-3MIC-HD  - Includes 1 KX-VC300NA codec with remote and 1 KX-VCA002NA microphone. - 720p HD clarity is supported over bandwidths as low as 1.5 Mbps. - 360 degree microphone provides... (Read more)
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KX-VC600 HD Video Conferencing Package
KX-VC600-3MOS  1 - KX-VC600NA (Codec) 1 - KX-VCA001NA (Microphone) 1 - 3 MOS, HD, Fixed Zoom Camera 1 - KX-VCZ001NA (Security Adaptor) (Read more)
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