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Battery For KX-TG2553/2563/258
P-P510A  Panasonic P510 Replacement Battery - Panasonic type 21 (Read more)
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Panasonic Battery for KX-T3xxx series
HHR-P301A-1B  Panasonic P301 Replacement Battery - Panasonic Battery for KX-T3xxx series HHRP301A1B (Read more)
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2.4V Battery for KX-TG1000 Series
BATT1032 - Dantona cordless telephone replacement battery - For use with Panasonic KX-TG1000 series phones - 2.4V - Capacity: 900 - NiMH BATT1032 (Read more)
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BATT-3300 - UltraLast battery for ATT/VTech cordless - 3.6V / 600 mAh - Ni-Cd - Fits/replaces: ATT, Panasonic, VTech 80-5071-00-00, Radioshack 23-298 BATT3300 (Read more)
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2.4V 700MAH NIMH
BATT-1008 - Cordless phone battery - 2.4V - NI-MH (rechargeable) - 750mAh capacity BATT1008 (Read more)
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3.6V Battery for KX-TG2300's (hhr-p104)
HHR-P104 - Dantona cordless telephone replacement battery- For use with Panasonic KX-TG2300 series phones- 3.6V- Capacity: 830- NiMH (Read more)
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Battery for KX-TG2200 & TG2700 series
HHR-P402A-1B HHR-P402A/1B Battery - Panasonic battery - Replaces the P-P511 - 3.6V/1000 mAh - Panasonic type 30 and 24 - Rechargable Ni-MH battery - For use with Panasonic models TG5100,... (Read more)
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Battery for KX-TG2400 Series
HHR-P105A  Panasonic HHR-P105 / HHR-P105A Replacement Battery - Panasonic replacement cordless telephone battery - AA sixe - 2 Cells - 2.4V power - 830 mAh capacity... (Read more)
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Battery for KX-TG2208/2235
BATT-513 Battery for KX-TG2208/2235 Type 27 HHRP513 (Read more)
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Battery for KX-TG2300 Series
HHR-P104A-1B  The Panasonic HHR-P104 type 29 NI-MH is a cordless telephone battery. Panasonic HHR-P104 / HHR-P104A Features: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)... (Read more)
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